Babak Amjad 

Tecum Habita, ET Noris Quam Sit Tibi Curta Supellex 

(Persius, Satires 4:52).

Retire within thyself, and thou will discover how small a stock is there (Persius, Satires 4:52).

This is a sentence of the Roman poet “Persius” (34-62 AD)
that “Immanuel Kant” gave as a message of his philosophy in the
introduction of the book “Critique of Pure Reason”. The path that
began in the search for the concept of home with Babak Amjad’s first “Mankoob” exhibition, concludes in this second exhibition. The artist invites us to “home”; the home that he designed and built himself.
After experiencing spaces of void in the first exhibition, this time we will be settled in a home. What he depicts is the display of the simplicity or indecency of the furniture of that home, which ultimately, thanks to the miracle of a self-aware art, leads to the discovery of “self” in an outstanding self-portrait.

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