Seventy Something

First part: Erfan samiei

Series “Haftado (Born in 1990s)”

August  18  2023

Shahriyaran Art & Research Gallery’s new project, called “Seventy Something” will feature artwork created by Iranian young visual artists born in the 70s decade (Solar Hijri calendar). As a part of this art and research project, through the year, an exhibition will be held for one of these artists. For our objective, we ground our conceptual inquiry in the philosophy of mathematics, where the numbers and dimensions will be reevaluated and the positive scientific formulations will be doubted. From non-minimalistic approaches to the formalist reading of David Hilbert and Reuben Hersh’s views in humanistic mathematics, they all are playful pretexts to conceptualize the art of a generation who are playing with scientific, moralistic and social norms. 

The main difference between this Iranian generation of artists to the other ones is exactly that they are not sticking to the conventions, choose, or consume them; they are playing with them. [The 70s are] the creatures that are always being pointed to their generation, birthdate and decade as their different truths, and everything ends with this referral to the numbers. “Seventy Something” is dealing with the art of this generation; A generation who are playing with artistic norms more explicitly and freely. “Seventy Something – 1” is the outset of this project. In the first step, we will exhibit the works of Azerakhsh Samiei that is called “Chromosome 7”. Further exhibitions and actions will have different statements and will show different dimensions of the central concept of this project. This project will conduct research around the art of the 70s generation in Iran, and after one year the results of the mentioned research will be presented in the medium of the book and movie.

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