Born on October 20, 1376 in Tehran

Self-taught painting from childhood graphic arts college of the university, in the associate degree in graphic arts at the Islamic Revolution University, and at the same time as practicing in painting and sculpture, experience in theater and music undergraduate in “Azad” University of Applied Sciences and during studies in the fields related to academic and practical sub-fields outside the university.


Group exhibition “Passing” in Negar Khane Sa in history, September 4, 2020

“Predicament” group exhibition at Shalman Gallery in History, October 3, 2020

The group exhibition “Man of the Year Zero” in the Shkoh Gallery, July 2, 2021

Solo exhibition “Chromosome Seven” at Shaar Gallery, January 13, 2021

Solo exhibition “Amphibian Blue” at ShaarGallery, August 18, 2023


Amphibious blue

2023  August 18th – 24th

Haftado 1

2023   January  14th – 20th

درخواست خرید