Shahriyaran is a Tehran-based private cultural institution in the service of art and culture, which developed into a gallery called “Shahriyaran Art and Research Gallery” (ShaarGallery) in order to complete its commitment to research-based practice in the field of art.
Curatorial behavior in exhibition and research is our main method so that the best conditions for the exhibition and revealing the meaning of the artwork is achieved for the audience.
Our main concern is to deal with the “concealed” things by focusing on the fundamental principle of scientific research; both about and for the concealed artists or the concealed audience of art. There are artists, arts and audiences that have remained “concealed” for many reasons.
ShaarGallery is a place for all of them who have valuable capacities to be seen and considered, but due to various reasons, they have not been paid attention properly.

Our Vision

In our “Curatorial Projects”, we try to provide opportunities for Iranian visual artists to present their works and ideas both inside and outside of Iran.

The process of creating such opportunities started with a determined selection and then continued with providing long-term financial and intellectual support for the artist in the form of curatorial projects.

In the research section, ShaarGallery tries to consider both the capacities of its artists’ works and the art outside of Iran as an opportunity for thinking and researching purposefully about art; and then publish the results in the form of “Exhibition of Concept”.

The origin of the research goals of the gallery is also determined based on the needs of the Iranian society and the interests of the international community including both art enthusiasts/audiences and researchers/artists, for discovering the “concealed” meaning of art.
Thus, “Shahriyaran Art and Research Gallery” was founded for these purposes and pursues the following visions:

• Art in everyday life of Iranian people

• Paying attention to “concealed” art and the “concealed” audience of art

• To link art and research in gallery

• Research-based art economy

• To carry out projects and provide services under the supervision of the scientific research council of the gallery

Our team:

Ehsan AmirSherdoost – Cofounder and CEO
Saleh Mousavi – Cofounder and director
Davood Ajourlo – Art Director

درخواست خرید